Legendary Marketer Pricing: How Much Does Everything Cost?

by Dylan | Last Updated on January 13, 2021

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re considering joining Legendary Marketer but need a bit more information on the products they offer.

I’ve tested a bunch of different online marketing educations, and none of them quite compare to Legendary Marketer!

One thing I really like is how they offer high quality products at all different costs so you can always find trainings inside of your budget.

In today’s post, we’ll be covering all of the Legendary Marketers products, how much they cost, and whether or not they’re worth picking up.

Let’s dive right into it!

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is one of my favorite online business education platforms, since they offer a ton of value at a low price point. I’d recommend picking up their Legendary eBook, it’ll share powerful affiliate marketing strategies and give you a ton of bonuses!

How Legendary Marketer Pricing Works

Legendary Marketer pricing works in a way much different than other trainings you may be used to.

Instead of having one flagship product, they have a bunch of different digital marketing offers based on your needs! One reason I really like this is you can find an offer that’s a perfect fit for you, not one they’re trying to shove down your throat.

Official logo of legendary marketer.

Not only does this benefit you, but it works well for them since you’ll actually get value out of their trainings, in turn making you a loyal customer!

Here’s a summary of their products costs, then we’ll get into the detailed specifics of each offer right after.

An overview of Legendary Marketer’s Pricing

Product NameProduct Price
Tik Tok Course$1 (One-time)
Affiliate Marketing eBook$2 (One-time)
Copywriters Playbook$1 (One-time)
15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge$7 (One-time)
Legendary Marketer Book$9.95 (One-time)
Legendary Marketer’s Club$30 (Monthly)
Traffic Rolodex$247 (One-time)
Affiliate Business Blueprint$2500 (One-time)
Digital Products Business Blueprint$2500 (One-time)
Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint$2500 (One-time)
Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint$2500 (One-time)
Marketer Mastermind$8,000 (One-time)
Entrepreneur Mastermind$12,000 (One-time)
DFY Brand Builder$10,000 (One-time)
DFY Brand Builder + Mastermind Bundle$15,000 (One-time)
Legendary Leadership Group$30,000 (One-time)
Legendary Pro Affiliate Upgrade$29.95 (Monthly)

A breakdown of Legendary Marketer’s Front-End Offers

When you join Legendary Marketer, you’ll want to start out by purchasing one of these lower ticket products. They’ll help you get moving in the right direction so you can eventually purchase one of Legendary’s higher-ticket products if any of them entice you!

While these are super affordable offers, they don’t lack in the value section. Dave and his team have done an incredible job with these trainings so you can trust their brand and potentially purchase their top of the line products!

There’s four main front-end offers you can start with, which we’ll cover right now.

1) Business Builder Challenge

First off is the main core product Legendary Marketer offers, the 15-day business builder challenge which costs just $7 to access.

If you haven’t went through it yet, I’d encourage taking the time to go through the entire challenge since it unfolds a lot of what other training programs won’t tell you…

Legendary marketer back office.

In addition to all of the training they’ll give you over the 15 days, you’ll get access to done-for-you funnels and ads, a customized business plan, and your own business coach.

This training covers the four main business models Legendary Marketer recommends:

Eventually, you’ll be offered an up-sell called the business blueprints. Each of these business models has their own specific blueprint, so it’s nice to get your feet wet before deciding which business blueprint you may or may not want to invest in!

Official business builder challenge offer.

For $7, you really won’t believe how valuable this offer is until you dive in. This is the first product I ever purchased from Legendary Marketer, and it gave me the confidence to purchase a few of their other offers with confidence!

2) Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Ebook

The next low-ticket product that Legendary Marketer offers is their Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Ebook. This 92-page book written by Dave Sharpe gives an actionable strategy to start piling in affiliate commissions!

Legendary marketer's ebook download page.

At the price point of just $2, you’ll find a ton of value inside of this book .

Not only will that unlock this ebook, but you’ll also get access to the 15-day business builder challenge we just spoke about as a free bonus!

Dave Sharpe covers the following topics inside of the ebook:

He originally wrote this book for his kids who will grow up one day. Dave had a rather rough background, but really turned his life around when he discovered and started mastering affiliate marketing!

Aside from the normal strategies taught, this ebook helps you unlock the power of story-telling as an affiliate, which has helped my business grow exponentially since learning & implementing those core principles from Dave.

It only costs $2, so pick it up, give it a read, and put what you learn into place. They even include a free audio-book version if that’s something you’d be interested in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well these tactics work!

3) Copywriter’s Playbook

Next up is the Copywriter’s Playbook, written by Dave Sharpe. Copywriting is a crucial skill since it’s a sales multiplier, and can help you convert more leads into paying customers!

The playbook is comprised of an 8 module video training, which dives into how to write the perfect copy for your offer.

Copywriters playbook official offer.

This offer is currently available for $1, and I’m sure you’ll get more value out of it than that!

In addition to the 8-module video training, you’ll receive special bonuses to help you become a better copywriter. For $1, you can’t go wrong this with this book!

4) 15-Second Free Leads

Last up on the list is Legendary Marketer’s new Tik Tok course, 15-second free leads! It’s currently available for just $1, making it a no-brainer.

Legendary's tik tok course offer.

Since Tik Tok is a brand new traffic source you can use for affiliate marketing, Dave and the team at Legendary brought in four affiliates who have been crushing it with Tik Tok to teach this course.

Not only will you learn everything they’re doing to generate traffic and convert leads, but they’ll give you the inside scoop on how to maximize your efforts on Tik Tok!

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn inside:

Tik tok course back office.

I’ve been through this course myself, and it’s superb. There’s a lot of actionable tips inside of the training, so I’d pick it up and start churning out videos! You never know which video may go viral.

A breakdown of Legendary Marketer’s High-Ticket Offers

Legendary Marketer ascends their leads and customers through a value ladder, so they can maximize the profit from each member. If you’re an affiliate of Legendary, this is great since you earn on every sale the members you refer purchase.

Anyways, let’s dive right into each of the products you can purchase after your into their system!

1) Marketers Club

To start off our high-ticket offers from Legendary Marketer, let’s begin with the Marketer’s Club!

Joining this club will allow you to listen in on the live marketing training every week, and all of the previous trainings that have been held.

With over 26 hours of professional-level training from top marketers, you’ll be learning everything you need to know to make a living online as a marketer!

Here’s some of the marketers who will be teaching you:

Marketers club logo.

All of this comes at a low cost of only $30 per month, which is super affordable for all of the insight you’ll be getting!

2) Super Affiliate Secrets

Super Affiliate Secrets is a brand new training with Dave Sharpe, who helps unfold what the top Legendary Marketer affiliates are doing differently than the rest.

While I haven’t seen this up-sell myself yet, it’s currently priced at $17!

Super affiliate secrets download page.

While this isn’t a super expensive product, there’s a lot to be learned from the training. Dave “funnel hacks” a bunch of successful affiliates, and shares exactly what they’re doing to see success!

3) Traffic Rolodex

Traffic Rolodex is an entire library of training on generating traffic and leads to your offers!

There’s no secret that driving traffic is half of the battle as an affiliate marketer, and Legendary does a great job helping you understand & maximize each traffic source.

While it costs a one-time fee of $247, you’ll be given a bunch of traffic sources you can start using:

Traffic rolodex course back office.

4) Business Blueprints

Now that we’ve been through the more “affordable” high-ticket options, let’s get into the juicy stuff – the Business Blueprints.

These blueprints are Legendary’s top-of-the-line products, where you get an in-depth look at the business model of your choice! They’ll help you go from A-Z so you can start getting results.

Each of these blueprints cost $2,500 on their own, but there’s a special deal where you can get all four blueprints AND the traffic rolodex for $2,500… saving you thousands! (more on this a bit later…)

Here’s the business blueprints Legendary currently offers:

So if any of those business models interest you, the business blueprint is going to be a no-brainer for you to purchase and implement!

Business blueprint back office.

A breakdown of Legendary Marketer’s Live Events

In addition to their digital products, Legendary Marketer offers an array of live events where you can network and connect with other internet entrepreneurs!

1) Marketer Mastermind

The Marketer Mastermind is a live event ran by Legendary Marketer, where you can go and learn traffic & lead generation strategies that are sure to move the needle for your business.

Since the cost of the event is $8,000, this is a great networking opportunity for those serious about growing & scaling their online business!

2) Entrepreneur Mastermind

The Entrepreneur Mastermind is a live event ran by Legendary Marketer, where you can go and learn how to increase wealth, productivity, and your bottom-line results.

No matter what business or industry you’re in, this event will help you immensely by networking with other entrepreneurs & learning how to maximize your results in life!

The cost to attend this event is $12,000, so you know only serious entrepreneurs will be there.

3) DFY Brand Builder

One of Legendary’s live events is their Done-For-You Brand Builder, where you fly out to the Legendary Marketer headquarters (located in Florida), and they’ll help you build your personal brand.

Aside from that, the networking & connections you’ll make will really help you out! Like you may guess, the cost is rather expensive at $10,000. While that may put you off, it let’s you know they’re serious about helping you get the results you desire!

4) Legendary Leadership Group

The Legendary Leadership Group is a mastermind group where you can connect with top entrepreneurs & marketers. There’s a lot of knowledge inside of this mastermind, which is why the entry fee is $30,000.

This isn’t going to be realistic for many people, but those who can will find an immense amount of value in this group!

Are there any discounts or deals on Legendary Marketer products?

Legendary Marketer has an array of different products, so it’s natural to look for any discount or deal that can help you save a few bucks.

If you’re just getting started, you can get in the business builder challenge by purchasing the Insider’s Guide eBook — get both for $2 through this link.

And for their high-ticket products, there’s one up-sell you should be aware of before starting the business builder challenge.

On Day 6 of the challenge, you’ll be presented an offer that allows you to get all four of the business blueprints & the traffic rolodex at a one-time price of $2,500!

It’s still costly, but you’ll save over $7,500 by grabbing this special package offer instead of purchasing each of the products separately.

That’s all of the deals and discounts that are currently available, so take advantage of them while you can!

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