Favorite Marketing Tools

Important Note:

I now recommend ClickFunnels 2.0 for all of your funnel building needs. After they upgraded to 2.0, it’s been the most complete tool I’ve ever used, and they have a great team behind their product.

I’m still updating this article to reflect it, but you can start a FREE 14-day trial in the mean time!

#1 Email Marketing Tool – ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the email marketing tool I use for this website, and other websites I own!

After testing a lot of different tools out, it ended up having the best deliverability while not lacking on functionality. And it’s super easy to use effectively, unlike other similar options…

I couldn’t recommend it enough, you can see why in my review here.

#1 Lead Gen Tool – ConvertBox

ConvertBox is the lead generation tool I use for all of the websites I own and manage.

After testing different tools such as Thrive Leads, Sumo, and OptinMonster, I was tired of the bloated plugins and went with ConvertBox instead.

Simply put, ConvertBox is clean, simple, and conversion-focused.

You can see my full review here.

#1 Web Host – WPX

WPX is the host I use on all of my affiliate and client websites.

I’ve tried A2, Bluehost, among many others… none of them compare to WPX.

Lightning fast speed, great support, there’s nothing more I can really say. They’ll even migrate all of your websites over for free!

#1 Funnel Builder – DropFunnels

DropFunnels is my preferred funnel builder, you can see why in my review.

Their platform is lightning fast, affordable, and optimized for search!

Unlike other similar platforms, you won’t lose visitors because the pages are glitchy and slow.

#1 WordPress Theme – Astra

While I’m currently running Carbonate on this website, I use Astra Pro and Elementor Pro on all of my client websites since it’s much easier to set up.

Astra is lightweight, lean, and fast. Just what Google loves!

Not only that, but you’ll have a lot of customization options out there with Astra.