ConvertBox Review: My “Secret Weapon” For Converting Sales

by Dylan | Last Updated on November 8, 2021

Have you been struggling to convert more of your website visitors into leads and sales?

Well, if you’re using a software like Thrive Leads or OptinMonster, I can totally understand why…

Those tools lack the ability to personalize each visitor’s experience, so you’re only showing static popups.

Now, if you were to use ConvertBox, there’s a whole lot of ways you can personalize each visitor’s experience, as we’ll cover in this post!

Let’s get right into this ConvertBox Review where we’ll cover why this new platform is my “secret weapon” for converting more leads and sales…

Our Pick


ConvertBox is the only tool you need to engage your customers, build your email list, and send smart alerts. I’ve earned my investment back many times over since implementing this tool!

About ConvertBox

ConvertBox is a software that’s built to engage visitors, build lists, and drive more sales with beautiful on-site messages.

Instead of your typical lead-generation tool, ConvertBox uses conversion-focused templates that are modern, slick, and welcoming!

Their founder, Dean Saunders, and the ConvertBox team are consistently adding new features, integrations, and customization to make this tool even better.

Who’s ConvertBox designed for?

ConvertBox is designed for online business owners of all sorts. Whether you’re an affiliate, local business, SaaS owner, coach, or anything in-between, you’ll quickly realize this tool is a no-brainer!

Since ConvertBox is designed to generate more leads, convert more sales, and create a “smarter” way to interact with your audience, it’s awesome for all website owners!

I’d recommend taking a look at this free demo to see everything ConvertBox has to offer!

My favorite features ConvertBox offers

It’s really easy to use overall

One of the main reasons I was looking to switch from Thrive Leads is how unorganized everything was.

Whether it was creating new forms, tracking my original forms, or anything in-between – it was messy.

It’s easier and faster to create forms in ConvertBox, and it’s a lot more organized…

While it may not seem like a deal-breaker in the beginning, when you have hundreds of forms, you’ll want everything accessible!

They use “smart” targeting that other platforms can’t compete with

Most tools like Thrive Leads and OptinMonster only allow certain retargeting types.

They allow you to target different tags, categories, pages or posts.

ConvertBox takes it one step further.

You can target based on way more factors, including smart integrations with your favorite CRM.

Here’s some of the options available:

It comes packed with modern, conversion-based forms to use

ConvertBox comes with four different popups, and two different embed styles.

Here’s what’s available at the moment:

And once you select the type of ConvertBox you wish to create, you’ll be prompted with 9 ready-to-use templates that you can edit and personalize!

Or, you can always build your forms from scratch if that’s your style.

Here’s a few examples of the templates:

They’re constantly adding new awesome features

Although ConvertBox is still in their beta stage, it’s encouraging seeing how many new features they’re adding.

You can find the latest platform updates in the official Facebook group, or on their blog.

Here’s the latest that was released for ConvertBox:

It’s lightweight and can be used on any website

Unlike most plugins that only integrate with WordPress, ConvertBox is a cloud plug-in that can be used on any website, by simply adding a short piece of code.

I really like this feature because:

  1. You aren’t tied down to WordPress in the future.
  2. You can use it on your favorite landing page or funnel builder.

Best of all is it’s lightweight, so it won’t bloat your website and ruin your user experience.

NOTE: They have a WordPress plugin for deeper integrations, but it’s totally optional!

They offer native split testing

ConvertBox does a really good job letting you optimize your forms.

Since their software includes simple A/B testing, you can easily test different forms against each other to maximize your efforts!

Instead of it being a pain, you can easily split test any of your forms by clicking one button in the back office.

What I didn’t like about ConvertBox

It doesn’t have the best reporting

While ConvertBox does a great job tracking interactions and leads on their software, they lack in deeper reporting.

For example, you can’t see a page-by-page report for how many views, interactions, or leads you receive!

You can see the report I pulled from my ConvertBox dashboard above – it’s simple, clean, but lacks reporting on a page-by-page level.

It’s not a huge deal in the end, but it’s something worth noting.

It’s a bit expensive

ConvertBox is quite expensive if you look at the price tag.

While most tools charge you monthly or annually, ConvertBox is only available for lifetime access at this time.

It’ll cost you almost $500 to purchase but I don’t regret my investment one bit – it’s already been profitable.

An inside look at ConvertBox


When you first login to ConvertBox, you’ll be brought to your Dashboard.

Here’s where you can create new groups, ConvertBox’s, and check out how your forms are performing!

Most similar tools can’t match how clean and modern ConvertBox’s user interface is, offering easy and simple reporting.


As you’ll notice, the next section in the back office is the reporting, or statistics section.

Here, you can filter your ConvertBox statistics by a specific date range, group of ConvertBox’s, or a specific ConvertBox!

Then, you can check out how many views, interactions, and leads you have generated. It’s a great way to see how your forms are converting!


ConvertBox has a lot of different integrations, and they’re constantly adding more.

Here’s all of the tools they currently integrate with:

Form Builder & Editor

Last but not least is ConvertBox’s form builder and editor.

Here’s where all the magic happens

When you open their editor, you’ll see a screen that looks like this!

Of course it’ll look like the template you choose (or blank if you start from scratch), but you get the idea.

There’s four steps you must take to get your ConvertBox live:

How much does ConvertBox cost?

Let me start by saying ConvertBox is currently unavailable to the public.

We were able to get in contact with the owner (Dean) and create a special invitation for readers of our blog, which you can claim here.

Here’s all the details you’re looking for…

While it’s still a private lifetime deal, ConvertBox isn’t a “brand new” company per se.

In 2018, they rebranded from ConvertBar into ConvertBox… and they’ve been adding awesome features and integrations ever since.

Every couple of months or even a year, they increase the price of the software.

Nowaday, it’s $495 for the lifetime license and everything you’ll need.

And if you decide to wait until the lifetime deal goes away forever… you’ll be stuck paying $99 per month.

Go create your lifetime ConvertBox account before that happens!

Oh, they also have a “pro” upgrade. It’s an additional $95, and offers higher limits. I didn’t upgrade.

Everything else you need to know about ConvertBox

Can ConvertBox replace my landing page builder?

ConvertBox can replace your current lead gen tool, but it can’t be used to replace landing page or funnel builders!

Is ConvertBox’s lifetime deal still available?

Yes, it is! You can get lifetime access here for a limited time longer.

Will I have to pay for support or future updates of ConvertBox?

After you purchase the lifetime deal, you won’t have to pay for anything else in the future.

How does ConvertBox compare to Thrive Leads?

I prefer ConvertBox since it’s more flexible, modern, and clean. Oh, and there’s no annual fees!

This comparison between ConvertBox & Thrive Leads does a good job showing why you may want one or the other.

How does ConvertBox compare to OptinMonster?

I prefer ConvertBox since it helps me avoid another monthly fee, with much more flexibility overall!

And if you’re still not sure, this comparison between ConvertBox & OptinMonster will help you make the right decision for your business.

Which softwares does ConvertBox integrate with?

ConvertBox integrates with the following softwares:

It’s important to realize they’re continuously adding more integrations – you can see the entire list here.

My final thoughts on ConvertBox

Simply put, ConvertBox has been a complete game changer for my business.

In under a month of adding it to my websites, it earned me more than my investment of $495.

And now, I have lifetime access with no monthly fees.

So if I had to give you one piece of advice…

Pick up ConvertBox’s lifetime deal, try it out risk-free for 30 days, and see how it works for you!

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