Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity Review (Worth The Investment?)

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 9, 2023

Are you tired of investing money into courses that end up being a complete waste of money?

Or maybe you’ve already tried Affiliate SEO and realized… it’s quite difficult!

Well if you fall into either of those buckets, I urge you to stick around to see if Matt Diggity’s course is a good fit for you.

What Matt teaches inside of the Affiliate Lab is how you can create affiliate sites and flip them for huge exits, consistently!

I’m talking up to 6 or even 7-figures when done properly… that’s the power of what’s taught inside of this course.

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Let’s dive right in 😉

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is the only course you’ll ever need to start ranking, monetizing, and flipping high-competition affiliate websites! No more guesswork – you’ll get their their proven, test-backed blueprint.

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is an affiliate marketer and SEO who is known mainly for starting the Chiang Mai SEO conference and his incredible blog, Diggity Marketing!

Matt was previously an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley, who got sick of working endless hours to pay the bills.

After years and years of struggling to find happiness in his job, he eventually came across SEO and was hooked!

He spent years dabbling before taking the plunge and going full-time, but he hasn’t looked back.

Since then, he’s built a team who manages his portfolio of websites, started multiple businesses, and is one of the best in the SEO industry!

Matt is well-known for being a test-driven SEO, which is why The Affiliate Lab has grown so popular – because it isn’t his guesswork, it’s all hand-tested and proven strategies!

What is the Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is Matt Diggity’s flagship course, and very in-depth training on making money by ranking affiliate websites, utilizing various SEO strategies!

It has well over 100 video lessons inside and an exclusive Facebook community, since Matt goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy with the product.

To sum up what you’ll learn inside, here’s what you should expect:

This is by far the most in-depth course I’ve went through on affiliate marketing and SEO, and Matt prides himself on calling this the “last affiliate SEO course you’ll ever need!”

My favorite parts of the Affiliate Lab

Best part #1: It will help you go from A-Z with Affiliate SEO

Matt doesn’t stick to white-hat, gray-hat or black-hat, he does no-hat SEO. This means he’s willing to do what works in the current Google algorithm, instead of being married to one approach!

With that said, he goes in-depth on everything you need to know when it comes to affiliate marketing and SEO using his data-driven technique.

While other courses may lack in certain areas (usually link-building strategies or post templates), you’ll get a complete A-Z training that is worthwhile!

Best part #2: Nothing is left out (No up-sells!)

One thing I’ve noticed throughout my years in the internet marketing space is almost all courses offer an up-sell, leaving bits of information out.

Like most others, I find this incredibly frustrating.

That’s another reason I highly recommend the Affiliate Lab to anybody looking to learn affiliate SEO, you more than likely won’t need to purchase another course again! That’s how well Matt has done with this course.

He flips the entire industry on it’s head, creating a no-brainer offer that requires one investment, and you’ll get access to future updates for free!

Best part #3: Everything inside is data-driven, not guesses

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing industry, and Matt understands that.

Since he’s a “no-hat” SEO, he’s willing to do what works to get every single advantage he can!

As you can imagine, he’s done extensive testing to show you what’s been proven to work, time and time again.

When you sign up for the Affiliate Lab, you get an inside look into what Matt has spent years testing, so you can get results!

Best part #4: It’s constantly updated

I’m updating this review and after a few years inside the course, it’s been updated way more than expected.

Matt has brought on specialists for specific training, and his team has also created a bunch of new modules that I’ve found useful.

It’s truly been a great experience inside the course and exclusive group, couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

What I didn’t like about the Affiliate Lab

Worst part #1: It can be overwhelming for beginners

While The Affiliate Lab is the most comprehensive course I’ve been through, I can see how it may be overwhelming for beginners.

Since it’s such a high-level training, Matt goes all-in on giving you as much information as possible so you can learn how to do affiliate SEO the right way!

The only disadvantage of this is if you’re a complete beginner, it may be a bit difficult to understand at first when you compare it to a course like Income School’s Project 24, or Greg Jeffries’ SEO Affiliate Domination!

With that said, it’s always good to learn the right way first so you don’t create bad habits.

An inside look at the Affiliate Lab

When you purchase The Affiliate Lab, you should expect the following inside of the course:

As you can see, he provides a ton of value inside of the course at a reasonable price…

While there are other courses out there that teach different ways to build websites, Matt’s “no-hat” approach to building successful affiliate websites can give you a huge advantage over other affiliates that focus solely on creating content and staying white-hat!

How much does it cost?

The Affiliate Lab is currently priced at $997, which includes access to the exclusive Facebook community, the course, his bonuses, and any future updates that will come!

You can also split the payments into two, which would be payments of $597 for the first two months.

And since you’re a reader of my blog, I was able to get you $200 off by clicking the button below!

Everything else you need to know about the Affiliate Lab

How does this course compare to other similar courses?

This course is far more in-depth than anything I’ve went through. It may be a little overwhelming as a beginner, but you’ll learn the correct way to do things from the start – this shouldn’t be taken for granted!

Does Matt teach white-hat, gray-hat, or black-hat strategies inside?

Matt teaches “no-hat” SEO since he’s not married to one approach. This should give you a huge advantage over most affiliates!

Will we get course updates in the future, for free?

Absolutely. When Matt feels the course is outdated or needs additional modules, he’ll add them and you’ll get free access!

Are there any up-sells in the program?

There is nothing held back in this course, so there is no up-sells! Everything is offered up-front.

What is the refund policy?

The Affiliate Lab has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, the member is not fully satisfied with the course, they can contact our support team within 30 days, and we’ll refund the purchase in full.

Is The Affiliate Lab worth the investment?

The Affiliate Lab is absolutely worth the investment if you are serious about building an affiliate marketing business using SEO for traffic!

As Matt says, it should be the last SEO course you’ll ever need… since it ties everything together to help you rank and bank faster and more efficiently!

There’s no course on the market that compares when it comes to building a portfolio of sites, that you can flip or continue to earn from.

Here are a few deposits Matt has received from sites he’s sold in the past.

And if that’s not enough to show you how valuable this course is, here’s a poll taken inside the paid group where members share their results:

I’d highly recommend you join this course if you’re serious about building profitable affiliate sites, you’ll be learning from the best in the business.

Dive in, see how you like it for 30 days risk-free, and start getting the results you’re looking for:

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