9 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses (And The Ones To Avoid!)

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 8, 2021

Today, you’ll be learning what the best affiliate marketing courses are, so you don’t have to spend a bunch of valuable time and money on the ones that don’t work…

After spending thousands of hours and dollars on different courses, I’d like to share which I liked, didn’t like, and everything inbetween!

So if you’re ready to start your affiliate marketing journey the right way, stick around and see which courses I recommend for you!

This article will be invaluable for you, so let’s get right into it!

An Overview of the Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Affiliate Secrets 2.0
Affiliate Secrets 2.0
  • Covers YouTube, Google Ads, and multiple other strategies
  • Most in-depth course about affiliate marketing
  • Designed for beginners, will help everyone
The Affiliate Lab
The Affiliate Lab
  • Over 24 hours of video content
  • Will help you go from A-Z with Affiliate SEO
  • Private members community
Legendary Marketer
Legendary Marketer
  • Affordable products for beginners
  • Teaches high-ticket affiliate marketing
  • Private coach and business plan included
The Authority Site System
The Authority Site System
  • Best for building authority websites
  • Teaches various link building strategies
  • Premium templates included
Authority Hacker Pro
Authority Hacker Pro
  • Best for scaling affiliate websites
  • Helps you build a team of VAs & freelancers
  • Shares advanced systems for building sites
SEO Affiliate Domination
SEO Affiliate Domination
  • Best for low competition niches
  • Learn grey-hat Affiliate SEO
  • Teaches various SEO strategies
Mass Rank Mastery
Mass Rank Mastery
  • Best for mass page websites
  • Faster results than traditional SEO
  • Utilizes “secret” strategies
Commission Hero
Commission Hero
  • Best for learning Facebook paid ads
  • Taught by the top ClickBank affiliate
  • Strategies may not last forever…
1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing
1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing
  • Learn directly from Pat Flynn
  • Only 23 lessons inside
  • Teaches ethical strategies

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there. Taught by the #1 ClickFunnels affiliate, Spencer Mecham, he shares EVERYTHING he’s done to earn well over $1,000,000 in commissions!

He’s even helped over 10 other people win the beloved Dream Car award from ClickFunnels, a testament to how valuable this course is.

Instead of focusing on one single strategy for affiliate marketing, Spencer teaches (or brings in experts to teach) the following tactics:

That’s not to say Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the perfect course – you can see what I mean in the review – but it’s as good as it gets for affiliate marketing training!

Some of the strategies inside of this course have helped me increase my affiliate conversions a ton, which will help you no matter what traffic source you’re using.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 currently costs $897, and that price increases by $100 for every 100 new customers. I’d highly recommend jumping in before the price increase!

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab helped me level up my affiliate marketing business in ways I couldn’t imagine.

Taught by Matt Diggity, who’s a world renowned SEO, handed out the blueprint he uses to earn over 6-figures per month from affiliate marketing, using the strategies inside the course!

With multiple SEO businesses, his own SEO convention, and a massive team, he’s somebody you want to learn from if you’re serious about making it online.

No course has a track record like The Affiliate Lab, as you can see from his students success:

And on top of everything we’ve already covered, you’ll get lifetime access to the courses updates, which consistently has new modules and trainings inside.

Here’s what you’ll receive inside of The Affiliate Lab:

So if you’re looking to make a living with Affiliate SEO, this is a course you won’t want to miss! You can see why I rave about this course in the review I put together.

While this course normally costs $997 to the public, you can get an exclusive $200 off by purchasing here.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an online business system crafted from Dave Sharpe, who’s done 9-figures in sales online!

One thing that makes Legendary Marketer unique is they offer a ton of value at a low price-point, and have higher-end offers available on the backend!

So it’s a great starting point for beginners, because you won’t have to dig too deep in your pockets. Instead, you can pick up their cheaper products, see how you like them, and grab one of their high-end offers if you wish!

You can see my complete breakdown of Legendary’s products here, or my full review for more details on why I rate Legendary Marketer so highly, mainly for complete beginners.

I’d highly recommend grabbing their Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Ebook, since it’s jam-packed with value and comes with bonuses to help you on your journey!

The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System is a flagship course from Gael Breton & Mark Webster over at Authority Hacker. It’s well-known for building authority sites, as the name suggests!

With thousands of happy customers, they’ve built a great reputation for themselves in the internet marketing space.

Here’s what you’ll receive inside of The Authority Site System:

All of their content is designed specifically for building an authority site from the ground up, leaving nothing behind so it can be your one-stop resource.

So if you’re looking for a complete, step-by-step system to starting & growing profitable affiliate & authority sites, you’ll want to check out their course!

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is another course from the guys over Authority Hacker, but it’s far different from The Authority Site System we just reviewed!

Instead of being a lower-priced course designed for beginners, it’s a course to help their Authority Site System members level up their business after already having some success – whether it’s building a team of freelancers or systems for your website.

It’s important to note this course only opens for one week each year, so you can see if it’s currently available here.

And if you were considering grabbing this course and it’s not available, grab the Authority Site System for $400 off here instead!

SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO Affiliate Domination is the first course I ever purchased, and it really paid off for me. Created by Greg Jeffries, who’s a ClickFunnels dream car winner and super affiliate, he shares a simple, scalable strategy to making a living with Affiliate SEO!

While most Affiliate SEO courses revolve around building backlinks and competing for the same types of keywords, SEO Affiliate Domination focuses on low-hanging fruit and side-stepping the competition entirely!

Greg teaches strategies I’ve never seen before inside, and most “gurus” would never share these secrets, but that’s what makes this course great!

I’m not sure if it’s still offered, but Greg would pay you back your investment if you earn that same amount using the strategies inside, which is an awesome bonus I haven’t seen elsewhere!

As you can see in the screenshot below, I earned my investment back:

So if you are interested in learning how Greg Jeffries has built a multiple 6-figure a year affiliate marketing business, check out SEO Affiliate Domination here.

You can see my full review of the course here! 🙂

Mass Rank Mastery

A course very similar to SEO Affiliate Domination is Mass Rank Mastery!

Here’s what I mean…

One of Greg’s most successful students, Kevin Holloman, was able to leave his job just 8 months after purchasing SEO Affiliate Domination and putting the strategies to work!

After years of refining and perfecting his method, he built this course specifically to teach mass page sites, which is a strategy that allows you to start earning affiliate commissions much faster than if you were to do traditional SEO.

That’s when Mass Rank Mastery was born…

One thing I really appreciate about this course is how Kevin goes above and beyond to help his students. He’s active inside of the Facebook members group daily, and he does a weekly with the members!

I’ve been able to earn multiple thousands of dollars from the strategies in Mass Rank Mastery, so I’d highly recommend it to anyone. You can see exactly why it’s so powerful in the review I put together!

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a course from Robby Blanchard, the #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world!

As one of the top internet marketers in the world, he earns anywhere from $10k-50k daily in affiliate commissions from ClickBank alone.

Robby uses his proven 3-step system to promote affiliate products:

And if you weren’t sure whether or not he’s legit, here’s some of his results:

There’s a lot to like about Commission Hero, but there’s a few things you have to know before investing. I’d highly recommend reading my review before jumping in their program so you can get a detailed look!

It’s not going to be the best fit for everybody, but if you’re looking to use Facebook Ads + ClickBank to drive your affiliate sales, there’s nobody better to learn from than Robby since he has the process down to a T.

1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing

Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome is a name I’m sure you’ve heard of before if you’ve spent any time researching affiliate marketing.

Whether it’s his podcast, website, or YouTube channel, the man is all over and absolutely crushing it as an affiliate marketer!

Recently, he put together his flagship course to share everything he knows, called 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing. Inside, he shares everything you need to know so you can ethically make a living as an affiliate marketer!

Here’s what you’ll receive inside of 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing:

You can learn more about 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing by clicking here.

Which Affiliate Marketing Courses Should You Avoid?

Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses out there. Created by John Crestani, a top internet marketer, he’s been able to get a lot of sales and traction for this course because of how enticing the affiliate program is!

While the information inside is “good not great,” it’s more expensive than other options on this list and not nearly as valuable.

So while you may see this course being advertised everywhere, there is other options on this list that are much better for learning how to grow your affiliate marketing business!

Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is a solid course taught by Franklin Hatchett. Frank has multiple successful affiliate sites, and a huge YouTube channel which proves he knows what he’s doing!

I’ve personally learned a lot from Franklin over the years which has helped me out immensely, but here’s my problem with this course…

I often see reviews of other affiliate marketing courses, where they’ll get a bad review and then recommend Savage Affiliates instead.

It’s no coincidence that all of Frank’s students all trashing other courses and recommending Savage Affiliates. While it’s a smart strategy for converting sales, it leads me to believe Frank doesn’t have the visitor’s best intentions in mind!

Wealthy Affiliate

Last on the list is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a popular blogging and affiliate marketing course.

There’s certain things to like about Wealthy Affiliate, like how they provide hosting and a solid community for their members!

But, I often see people refer others to Wealthy Affiliate because they have a lucrative affiliate program. The training is just okay, it doesn’t compare to other courses on the list, but it’s recommended because they pay high commissions which isn’t okay!

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