CF Affiliate Domination Review: Win Your Dream Car With It?

by Dylan | Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Ever since announcing the Dream Car Award for their top affiliates, ClickFunnels has been one of the most competitive affiliate programs out there.

What most people don’t know is there’s only been a few affiliates to win the award using totally free and organic strategies!

One being Greg Jeffries, who’s earned over $400,000 from the ClickFunnels affiliate program alone…

Inside of CF Affiliate Domination, Greg details all of the strategies he used to win the Dream Car award from ClickFunnels!

Ready to see what’s inside? Let’s get into the review! 🙂

CF Affiliate Domination

CF Affiliate Domination

CF Affiliate Domination details the exact methods Greg Jeffries used to achieve the ClickFunnels dream car award for multiple years in a row… all with free strategies!

Who is Greg Jeffries?

Greg Jeffries is an internet marketer who eventually cracked the code of making money online, using affiliate marketing and SEO to earn a living online.

Earning over 6-figures per year and winning the ClickFunnels dream car award are just a few examples of Greg’s success, which he outlines in his flag-ship course SEO Affiliate Domination!

What is CF Affiliate Domination?

CF Affiliate Domination is a course from Greg Jeffries, that shares the strategies he used to get massive results from promoting ClickFunnels.

After earning over $400,000 from ClickFunnels affiliate program alone, there’s a lot to be learned from Greg’s success!

He’s even held the dream car award for a few years now using organic strategies, which almost nobody else has been able to achieve.

What’s inside of CF Affiliate Domination

CF Affiliate Domination covers a lot of different strategies and approaches you can use to promoting ClickFunnels!


If you’re familiar with Greg at all, you should know he makes most of his income through building affiliate websites!

In the websites section of CF Affiliate Domination, he shares exactly how you can promote ClickFunnels through SEO.

He’ll cover everything ranging from keyword research to structuring a site, leaving nothing out in-between!

While it’s not nearly as detailed as his flagship course SEO Affiliate Domination, there’s still a lot of actionable tips in this section.

Video Marketing

The next module covers everything related to video marketing to promote ClickFunnels.

Greg covers exactly how he utilizes YouTube to rank highly, and earn affiliate commissions in a similar fashion to building websites!

This is just one of the ways Greg has made affiliate sales, but it’s one of the best methods in his opinion.

In this section, you can expect to learn how to find the right keywords to target, how to rank on YouTube, and how you can make videos without being on camera!

Email Marketing

Next up is the email marketing section, which works best with the two strategies we just covered – building websites & video marketing!

You can use this strategy on it’s own, but you’ll need a way to generate leads and paid ads can get quite expensive… so it’s best to use this as a secondary way of earning commissions.

And for the email marketing, Greg covers which tools he recommends, and he even shares the exact sequence he uses to promote various ClickFunnels products to his email list!

Needless to say, this section is filled with valuable strategies to hit that next level as an affiliate.

Share Funnels

A lot of people don’t utilize share funnels as an affiliate, but they’re one of the best ways to get people in the door.

What’s better than having a done-for-you funnel that you can import directly into your account, so you can be setup within minutes? I can’t think of a better incentive for signing up!

So this is one other method you can use to earn commissions, and Greg lays out exactly how you can do so.

If you’re promoting a similar product like DropFunnels or GrooveFunnels, you can use this same exact strategy to your advantage!

Funnel Marketplace

Last up is the funnel marketplace. This is where you can hire others or sell your funnel building services, giving you another avenue to promoting ClickFunnels!

There’s a lot of different ideas you can grab from the marketplace, even if you don’t plan on buying or selling funnels.

What I liked about CF Affiliate Domination

Greg does a great job explaining different strategies and approaches you can use to promote ClickFunnels successfully, which you can use to get creative!

While he designed this course to share how you can promote ClickFunnels, the same strategies can be used to promote any of your favorite marketing tools.

All in all, the trainings, share funnels, downloadable content, and other resources are going to be really helpful to you as an affiliate for ClickFunnels!

What I didn’t like about CF Affiliate Domination

CF Affiliate Domination gives a lot of great insights on how you can successfully promote ClickFunnels, but it won’t hold your hand throughout.

The training only has about 60 minutes of videos, which may put some people off but it’s all actionable strategies, skipping out on the fluff most courses include!

And while Greg won’t show you a “step-by-step method” to promote ClickFunnels, he’ll get your head moving in the right direction by sharing different approaches you can use.

So those are a few things that may put you off from the course, but there’s still a lot to be learned from Greg’s trainings!

How much does it cost?

CF Affiliate Domination originally costed $197 when it was released, but now Greg’s offering the course for a price point of $500 – $1,000, depending on a few different factors.

All things considered, I’d probably grab his main course SEO Affiliate Domination instead, but both of them used together can bring you an abundance of success!

My final thoughts

Greg’s CF Affiliate Domination course isn’t going to be nearly as in-depth as other affiliate marketing trainings on the market, but it gives you a clear route to have success promoting ClickFunnels or other similar tools.

So if that’s something you’re interested in, grab the training, take action, and maybe you’ll win the ClickFunnels Dream Car award one day!

It could be the best money you ever spend… if you put the work in.

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