Mass Rank Mastery Review: In-Depth And Brutally Honest!

by Dylan | Last Updated on January 8, 2021

Are you interested in starting an affiliate marketing business but not sure where to start?

Mass Rank Mastery could be the perfect fit for you.

Created by Kevin Holloman, he takes a unique approach to affiliate marketing and SEO, and it’s been a complete game-changer for me!

As a student of Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination course, he’s had extraordinary success with one of the main tactics shown inside.

Most SEOs will tell you the tactics inside are outdated or don’t work anymore, but Kevin goes against the grain and shares everything he knows inside.

Instead of taking a white-hat approach and building authority sites, Kevin does something far different…

He teaches how you can build mass page sites that saturate the search engine, and siphons loads of targeted traffic to your offers, playing the numbers game!

As a student of Greg and Kevin, I highly recommend investing in this course if you are ready to level up your online business. No matter how long you’ve been doing affiliate marketing, I’m sure there’s a few things inside that you don’t currently know!

And if you are just looking to get started online, this approach is a place I’d highly recommend starting out, since there’s not much “selling” or “active work” required after the initial setup.

Let’s dive right into see if this course is a good fit for you!

Mass Rank Mastery

Mass Rank Mastery

Mass Rank Mastery is a great course if you’re struggling to get traction with affiliate marketing. Kevin teaches his signature method of SEO, which helps you completely avoid the competiton and earn commissions faster!

Who Is Kevin Holloman?

Kevin Holloman is one of Greg Jeffries’ most successful students, learning from his popular course SEO Affiliate Domination.

After dabbling in multiple online ventures, he eventually found success with what he learned inside of Greg’s course.

Now, he’s refined his approach and created Mass Rank Mastery to share his own strategies!

Within his first year of being a student of Greg’s, he achieved the following:

Traditional SEO takes a lot of time to be successful when you use normal strategies, but not when you use what’s inside of Mass Rank Mastery!

What’s Taught Inside Of Mass Rank Mastery?

Inside of Mass Rank Mastery, you’ll learn the exact strategies Kevin uses to rank his “mass page sites.”

The reason this is so powerful is the strategies help you test a niche, start ranking fast, while earning some extra cash!

Kevin takes you step-by-step through the process he uses, to help you understand everything by actually showing it.

This approach to teaching is really effective, since it’s a no-fluff approach, keeping everything simple and concise!

While I had prior experience with SEO, here are some of the results I received after going through Kevin’s course:

To put it in perspective, my first sale from traditional SEO & Affiliate marketing took 5 months!

In under two weeks, I got my first sale using Kevin’s approach.

Needless to say, what he teaches is still highly effective.

You can see some of his own personal results by clicking the button below (they’re quite impressive if you ask me).

Taking A Deep Dive Inside Of His Course

Now that you know what to expect from his course, let’s dive deep into what he teaches inside.

Here’s everything you will get access to inside, in addition to the exclusive Facebook Group & Live Q&A Sessions! (I can’t stress enough how helpful these are…)

Choosing A Good Expired Domain

A lot of what Kevin does starts with choosing an expired domain. This isn’t totally necessary, but it definitely speeds up the process.

Since expired domains can be pricey, you want to ensure you purchase domain’s that are clean with good backlink profiles!

Instead of guessing, Kevin shares exactly what he does to choose the perfect domain.

Deciding On A Niche

The beauty of what’s taught inside of Kevin’s course is you can test niches, while investing very little time or money.

Once you have a winning niche or product, you can double down and scale exponentially.

He even teaches you how to scale when you have a winning site, which we’ll go over in the Scaling & Bonus strategies section!

Keyword Research

Determining which keywords to go after is highly important. Since these are mass pages, you want to make sure you are targeting the correct keywords!

Luckily, it doesn’t take very long to compile a list of winning keywords using the keyword research strategies inside.

Building Mass Pages

Lastly, Kevin goes into the specifics of building these mass page sites. Everything from hosting to the technical side of things, he makes everything crystal clear.

Since Kevin literally builds an entire site inside of the training, you won’t have to worry about missing gaps and piecing things together!

You’ll have all of the information you need to replicate his process.

Is There Any Ongoing Training Or Support Once You’re Inside?

Kevin is one of the nicest guys I’ve met online, and he’s super supportive of his students.

Whenever I ask a question inside of his group, I get a response from him and others who have been successful using his strategies!

I’ve not once felt like I was on my own, and that’s something you won’t have to worry about when you are a student of Kevin’s.

Just take a look at what he posted last week…

He even did his first live question and answer session, which ended up going on for over two hours!

It was really great to connect with other people in the group live, and get more clarity from Kevin.

This session was uploaded to the course directly after. So if you missed it or join the course at a later date, you have the complete archive of live sessions.

He doesn’t make most of his income from this course, he makes it from the strategies inside. That’s something most course sellers can’t say!

What Scaling & Bonus Strategies Are Included In Mass Rank Mastery?

Mass Rank Mastery was designed by Kevin Holloman to go over a very specific strategy that makes up most of his business, but he does go over how he scales his affiliate marketing business when he finds a niche that works!

While it’s not in as much detail as the core principles, it gives you a good foundation to start branching out.

Scaling Strategies

The first of his two scaling strategies goes over the Duplicator plugin.

This plugin allows you to duplicate an entire WordPress site, which can help you scale up with the core strategies of his course much faster.

It’s not necessary by any means, but it is a killer scaling strategy if you put into place!

Next is one of my favorite strategies, which is building an authority site.

An authority site can be a huge asset when done properly, since it’s meant to be top notch and last for a long time.

Instead of a churn and burn strategy, these types of sites typically have a snowball effect, where they keep building momentum over time!

And if you ever feel like it’s something you no longer want to work on, you can flip these sites for 30-40x how much they earn each month (E.g. A site earning $10k per month can easily sell for over $300,000).

Authority sites are awesome for this reason.

Kevin details exactly how he goes about building these sites, and how he transforms his mass page sites into authority sites!

At the time of writing this, these are the two scaling strategies included but they give you more than enough to keep your plate full.

Bonus Strategies

Now, for all of the bonus strategies that Kevin teaches inside of his course…

I’d like to first say you should use these strategies at your own risk.

With that said, he teaches some super powerful strategies in this section. Let’s go over each of these!

Money Robot

This is a tool I haven’t personally used, but it’s a solution that helps automate building backlinks in a precise manner.

If I were to use this software, I’d only use it on the mass sites, and not any sites you spend a lot of time and effort building since this is a grey-hat strategy!

With that said, he includes this resource because it works.


Second on his bonus strategies is a software called SuprCloakr.

Use this at your own discretion, and it’s something I personally wouldn’t touch.

This tool allows you to own your traffic, whether it’s with an overlay or cookie stuffing!

Once again, use this at your own risk and I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

I felt the need to include it though, since it is a part of Kevin’s course.

WP Zero Bounce

Third on the bonus strategies is WP Zero Bounce.

This is another tool you should use at your own risk.

What WP Zero Bounce does is redirects traffic when somebody clicks the back button.

You can use this to redirect that traffic to another page on your website, an opt-in page, or where-ever else you’d like!

Since most traffic from Google bounces, this helps you recover those visitors…

Link Processor

This is a tool that helps you get indexed faster, and it’s worked well so far.

Since your mass page sites will have loads of articles on them, Link Processor is another layer to help your site get indexed by major search engines!

There’s a lot of different solutions that do this, but I’ve had success using this one so far. (It’s cheap, too!)

How Does Mass Rank Mastery Compare To Other Affiliate Marketing Courses?

I’ve enrolled in many affiliate marketing courses before.

Most of them are really solid for building a long term business, but they didn’t help me achieve what I wanted… a quick win and proof in concept.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing strategies take a lot of time and resources to compete against the big hitters.

While they can pay massive dividends over the years, Mass Rank Mastery focuses on making the competition irrelevant, since you’ll be going after long tail keywords.

This is what made Kevin’s course so attractive to me.

Instead of competing against top SEOs who have massive teams and budgets, I could go after low hanging fruit that they aren’t worried about!

I’d highly recommend this course to anybody looking for a proven place to start out online.

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth Getting?

So after going through Kevin’s course and implementing some of the strategies inside, I’d say this course is awesome for those interested in using SEO for Affiliate Marketing.

Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced marketer, you can definitely find a few golden nuggets inside!

It’s loaded with quality information, and Kevin’s a downright good guy who I can vouch for.

So is it worth the current price point? Yes, it is.

Kevin details the exact process he uses day in and day out to build these sites, leaving nothing behind.

Here are some of the results I’ve gotten in my first 60-90 days using Kevin’s strategies.

This was from a very little amount of effort I put in initially, but I’ll be scaling up using this strategy more in the future!

Oh, and Mass Rank Mastery will be updated as Kevin learns and tests more things in the future, but what’s inside has enabled him to quit his full time job, purchase a house, and start living the life he always wanted.

That does it for my review of Kevin’s course, hopefully I’ll catch you guys in the group soon!

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