Kartra vs ClickFunnels: Two Awesome Platforms, Which Wins?

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 1, 2021
Important Update:

The only funnel builder I recommend is ClickFunnels 2.0, for a few reasons.

It's affordable, easy to use, a complete product and they have a helpful customer team. I can't say the same for the other funnel builders I've tested on this website anymore.

You can start a free 14-day trial with ClickFunnels today!

Kartra and ClickFunnels are two funnel builders that have a strong internet marketing community behind them. They also offer an impressive set of features, which is why the choice between them can be quite hard.

However, there are some key differences between the two, which is why they are suited for slightly different types of businesses. That’s why you must choose the right one for your needs.

Throughout this article, I will give you a complete walkthrough of Kartra vs. ClickFunnels, to help you make the best choice for your business.

About Kartra

Kartra is a reasonably new funnel and marketing campaign building platform that launched in 2018. Since it launched, it’s become popular in the internet marketing community, thanks to its extensive set of features. Kartra markets itself as an “all-in-one” platform for marketers and online businesses.

Kartra official logo.

And its features back this up, as they range from a page builder and autoresponder to helpdesks. But we’ll talk about Kartra’s features in much more detail later on…

Interestingly, the founding company, Genesis Digital, has also been behind developing other successful SaaS tools for online businesses like WebinarJam or EverWebinar. Both of those projects have been huge successes, so that’s a good sign for Kartra.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the most popular sales funnel builder platform on the market as it has over 120,000 paying customers. The company was founded by Russell Brunson, who bootstrapped the company to $30million in just two years.

ClickFunnels doesn’t only impress with its features but also with its ease of use. And is one of the reasons why many of ClickFunnels’ customers love the platform.

Similar to Kartra, it also comes with a large selection of features. But again, we’ll cover these in more detail later on…

Which Has Better Features?

As you have seen in the about sections, the platforms are relatively similar. Let’s dive into the features to see how they’re different from one another and which one is best suited for you.

Kartra Features

As already mentioned, Kartra has an awe-inspiring list of features which are:

Keep in mind that these are just Kartra’s core features too. The platform has many more inside of each tool. Breaking down all of them would probably be way too long for a comparison post, so instead, I decided to sort them into groups and explain the essentials of what you need to know.

Before we kick off the explanations of Kartra’s features, I just wanted to mention that everything inside the platform can be split-tested.

Page Builder, Checkouts & Templates

Just like most of its competitors, Kartra has a highly easy-to-use page builder. It’s simple but gives you a lot of options and elements to work with. Combined with the large selection of templates, you have the flexibility to build almost any type of page.

Besides the page templates and the page builder, Kartra also comes with a comprehensive checkout tool. You can create pretty much any cart, including order bumps, one-click upsells & downsells.

Kartra Mail, Forms, & Leads

Kartra Mail is its SMS and email marketing mailing feature. This is one of the features that I like about Kartra, simply because it’s better than some dedicated platforms. The automation is excellent, with lots of triggers and options for your sequences.

Plus, I  also really liked that you could automate the split-testing of your emails within the automation sequence. That means there is less work involved for you, and you can even set up that it picks a winner based on percentages, which I also thought was pretty cool.

Kartra also comes with forms that can either be embedded in your Kartra pages or anywhere else (assuming you can paste in the HTML code).

You can then manage the leads you collect with its Leads feature, which is basically a CRM. It shows you comprehensive analytics for every single lead that you collect, like, for example, a lead’s lifetime value.

As you can imagine, these insights are super helpful and will help you run your marketing campaigns.

Kartra Videos & Membership Sites

If you’re looking to sell a course, you will need a membership site builder. And Kartra offers precisely that, plus gives you everything a dedicated platform would in features like drip-feed content, several access levels, etc.

The only area where it slightly loses out compared to a dedicated platform is the branding, in my opinion, and the customization. While you can fully customize your membership sites and remove Kartra branding, I found that they look slightly bland, but that may just be me.

What I do like about Kartra, though, is that it lets you host your videos and that you can add CTAs or headlines to your videos. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year or even per month.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Funnels and Campaigns are more areas where Kartra outperforms most of its competitors. Why?

Let’s start with the ability to share your funnels. Unlike ClickFunnels, you can share everything that you create — not just your pages/funnels. So, you can also share your emails, membership sites, helpdesks, etc., with other Kartra users.

The second reason why this feature is so good is because it comes with a range of pre-built campaigns by highly influential marketers like Frank Kern. These campaigns are ready to use, and you have to switch out parts of the copy, so it’s plug & play.

Kartra Affiliate Management

Kartra gives you everything you need to create high-converting and profitable affiliate programs. This feature is exceptionally advanced and lets you create everything from CPA affiliate programs to subscription affiliate programs.

Other Kartra Business Tools

As you can see, Kartra has a massive number of features. However, there’s still more to come.

Kartra also comes with helpdesks to help you provide better support to your customers, ultimately improving their experience and customer retention. Plus, it also has some highly comprehensive analytics that gives you insights into every single feature inside Kartra. This is great, as it can be quite annoying when platforms have features, but the analytics don’t really give you any valuable insights into them.

And finally, if you are looking to schedule appointments, you’ll also enjoy Kartra’s calendar.

ClickFunnels Features

As we have seen, Kartra sets the bar quite high when it comes to features. Let’s look at how ClickFunnels compares.

Page Builder, Checkouts Membership Sites, Webinars & Templates

ClickFunnels’ page builder is slightly easier to use than Kartra’s. However, I’m not too fond of ClickFunnels’ templates. I think they look quite outdated compared to Kartra’s and that there isn’t really a lot of variety.

One thing that ClickFunnels has that Kartra doesn’t, though, is webinars. But ClickFunnels only lets you host live webinars, so if you want to use pre-recorded materials, you will need an integration anyway.

You can also create checkouts with order bumps, one-click upsells, and downsells to help you make the most out of every conversion.

And similar to Kartra, it also lets you build membership sites. However, Kartra’s membership sites look slightly nicer, have more features and better analytics.

Email Marketing/Follow-Up Funnels

ClickFunnels also comes with an email marketing feature called “follow up” funnels. However, Kartra’s automation sequences are slightly better and come with a few more triggers and features.

Still, it’s nice that ClickFunnels has this feature, too, as it’s still highly effective, even when it’s not as advanced as Kartra. Many other ClickFunnels users and I prefer to use an integration when using CF, which isn’t the case for Kartra.

Affiliate Management

ClickFunnels also has a built-in affiliate management tool, so you can recruit and manage affiliates. However, compared to Kartra, this feature loses out again. First of all, it doesn’t have as many options. For example, you can’t create CPA affiliate programs.

Secondly, its reporting is also minimal compared to Kartra.

Educational Material

One of the biggest incentives to go for ClickFunnels is the educational material. Some of you may be quite surprised as it’s not that common to choose a funnel builder for its educational material. However, ClickFunnels does perform really well here, as it comes with FunnelFlix, a library of lessons related to funnel building and internet marketing.

And on the higher $297 plan, you also get access to group coaching calls once a week (every Friday), where the ClickFunnels team teaches you how to build funnels. This definitely has a lot of value, but I would still prefer getting more features instead of this.

Advantage: Kartra.

How Much Does Each Cost?

Now that we have seen the features that both of these platforms have to offer let’s look at how much they cost.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra is quite affordable when you consider how much all of these features would cost individually. Additionally, it also comes with a nice range of pricing plans, so there should be an option for every business.

With Kartra, you get access to all the features on every plan (apart from the Kartra agency). So, the only limits are on the number of resources, which you can see below.

ClickFunnels Cost

ClickFunnels isn’t quite as affordable as Kartra, at least in my opinion, as there are only two pricing plans.

And besides the usage limits, which you can see in the image below, the following features are not available on the standard $97 per month plan:

Advantage: Kartra

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels: Everything Else You Need To Know

Below I explained everything else you need to know such as Usability, support & more.

Which Is Easier To Use?

Although I personally find Kartra more usable, this one is going to go to ClickFunnels. Why?

Because most people in the community love it for its ease of use, it wouldn’t be fair for me to point to Kartra based on my personal preference.

Advantage: ClickFunnels

Which has better support?

If you are on the $297 platinum ClickFunnels plan, you get access to priority support. If this is the case, then ClickFunnels will have better support. However, if you’re on the standard ClickFunnels plan, then the support is pretty bad, and you can often wait up to 48 hours for a response.

And it can be tough to get an actual human on the other side, let alone one that knows how to solve your problems. Kartra’s support, on the other hand, is also a little slow, as there’s no live chat, but they are very knowledgeable.

Advantage: Kartra (ClickFunnels if you’re on the Platinum plan)

Which has more integrations?

This is a point for ClickFunnels because it has almost 4-5x integrations. This is for two reasons; firstly, it has been around for a lot longer. Secondly, it has fewer features, so it needs the integrations, whereas Kartra has a feature for many of them.

Advantage: ClickFunnels

Which has the better page builder?

This one is an interesting question because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Whereas most users find ClickFunnels easier to use, Kartra lets you embed your pages anywhere you want. Plus, it also has behavior-adaptive marketing, which is a feature that lets the pages you create adapt to the behavior of your visitors.

However, the biggest reason why I think Kartra’s page builder is better is that it lets you build more types of pages and is better suited to do so. For example, if you want to build a full navigation website in ClickFunnels, the templates aren’t really suited.

With Kartra, on the other hand, they are.

Advantage: Kartra

My Final Thoughts

As you have seen throughout this article, both Kartra and ClickFunnels are solid. They’re both strong in features to help you market and sell your products. To help you choose between them, I explained why you should choose which platform down below.

Keep in mind that both platforms offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are always on the safe side.

Why You Should Choose Kartra

As we have seen earlier, Kartra has superior features to ClickFunnels. Not only does it have slightly more, but most of the individual features are slightly better. For example, the affiliate management and autoresponder give you way more opportunities to promote your products, ultimately leading to more sales.

Plus, Kartra offers all of these features at an incredible price. Purchasing all of these features separately would cost you an arm and a leg. So, if you are looking for a platform with the best possible features to grow your business, I definitely suggest giving the Kartra trial a go.

Why You Should Choose ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it isn’t a good platform.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s a great all-rounder, it does well in features, ease-of-use, and has cool extras like educational material. Therefore, if you think you’d benefit from having the additional educational material and like the list of features for your business, give ClickFunnels a try.

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