Secrets Masterclass Review: The Best Deal On ClickFunnels?

by Dylan | Last Updated on January 8, 2021

Have you been thinking of investing in ClickFunnels Platinum? Or maybe you’re looking to win the 2 Comma Club award this year!

Whatever your goal may be, I found an exclusive offer that’ll not only save you a ton of money but also give you a comprehensive training so you can get better results…

This deal is extremely similar to the Funnel Hacks offer that used to be available, so I can’t wait to share this one with you today. Funnel Hacks was the best offer I ever found for ClickFunnels, so I’m pumped to see a new similar package back on the market in the Secrets Masterclass!

And even if you aren’t looking to purchase the special deal, I’d urge you to join the free masterclass with Russell Brunson, he’s sharing three of his most valuable secrets inside along with other tips to help you out!

Secrets Masterclass

Secrets Masterclass

Secrets Masterclass is a webinar where you’ll learn what the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing differently than the other 99% for free. And if you stick around until the end, you’ll get a special pricing offer on ClickFunnels!

What is the Secrets Masterclass?

The Secrets Masterclass is a training session with Russell Brunson that goes over everything the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing differently than the other 99%.

It starts out with a free training sharing what they found to be the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful users. This eventually leads up to a special offer at the end, which you may be interested in.

If you are interested in upgrading to or already use the ClickFunnels platinum plan, it’s practically a no-brainer to sign up since you’ll be saving money on the software and getting a ton of extra bonuses to help you see better success if you actually implement what you learn.

What you’ll learn in the free Secrets Masterclass

The Secrets Masterclass webinar is a free training, where Russell Brunson shares the exact blueprint of what the Top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing differently than the other 99% of users! That’s the main purpose of his webinar, along with other actionable tips throughout the training.

Inside of the free Masterclass, you’ll learn the following secrets:

What do you get if you purchase the special offer?

An exclusive bundle will be offered to you if you stick around until the end of the training — and it’s a sweet deal to say the least!

Here’s everything you’ll get access to if you decide to purchase the Secrets Masterclass Workshop offer.

6 Month Of A ClickFunnels Platinum Account ($1,782 Value)

Normally, the ClickFunnels Platinum plan costs $297 per month if you purchase it without a special deal. With this special offer from Russell, you’ll get access to a 6 months subscription for just $997 and all of the extra bonuses detailed below!

Access To One Funnel Away 30 Day Challenge ($1,997 Value)

The One Funnel Away Challenge is by far the most popular training offered by the ClickFunnels team. It’s a training program that helps you build your first funnel from scratch in the next 30 days!

You’ll receive full coaching from Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian.

I’ve went through it myself and can attest to how detailed and thorough the training is, I’d highly recommend it for anybody using sales funnels in their business!

Even if you aren’t “all-in” on funnels, there’s a lot to learn from this training.

Daily Virtual Funnel Hack-A-Thon ($9,997 Value)

The virtual funnel hack-a-thon’s are daily live streams hosted by Clickfunnels coaches that help you learn exactly how to build a funnel, sharing basic and advanced strategies throughout the streams.

Each of these sessions focuses on “hacking” one specific type of funnel, and how you can implement this type of funnel for your own business.

Then they’ll show you the step-by-step process to building the funnel for your own business, so it’s really an awesome program to be apart of!

At the end, there’s a Q&A portion where all of the Platinum members can ask any questions they may have.

Overall, it’s a great program to be apart of for all of those reasons!

10X Secrets Mastery Program ($997 Value)

The 10X Secrets Mastery Program is a training program with Russell Brunson which is the exact blueprint he used to explode the growth of his business, ClickFunnels.

What he shares inside led to his success speaking at the 10X Growth Con, where he earned $3,200,000 in sales from a 90-minute presentation!

While that’s extraordinary success, even a fraction of that could change your entire business.

Traffic Secrets / Ad Skills Training ($997 Value)

Traffic Secrets and Ad Skills are a super in-depth training that’ll teach you how you can drive more traffic to your offers, and use paid ads to get even more targeted traffic!

This is something most internet marketers struggle with, and you’ll be given the complete blueprint behind Russell’s success.

How much does it cost?

Instead of paying for the total real value of $15,770, you’ll get a nice discount on this package.

The Secrets Workshop Bundle costs just $997 for 6 months.

At this price point, you’ll not only get access to 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum account (which would cost you $1,782 if you would choose to buy only ClickFunnels) but also lots of other insane bonuses, where they valuate this this package to be worth $15,770!

That’s an insane deal for anybody using or looking to upgrade to the Platinum plan since you’ll be saving money on that alone in addition to the other bonuses! 😀

Final Thoughts

For anybody who uses Clickfunnels or utilizes a funnel in their business, the free masterclass is loaded with value throughout so you can implement those tips!

Even if you aren’t interested in the back-end offer, I’d urge you to at least start with the free masterclass and then upgrade if you ever decide it’s a fit!

I personally think the Workshop Bundle should be a no-brainer for anybody using Clickfunnels Platinum, looking to upgrade, or those simply looking to start moving their business online. It’s that incredible of a deal.

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