Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review: Is It A No-Brainer Investment?

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 8, 2021

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing course that’s going move the needle in your business?

There’s a ton of different options out there, and I don’t want you to invest your hard-earned money in a course that ends up being full of junk.

I urge you to stick around to the end of this review since there’s a lot to know before making a final decision!

I’ve seen far too many reviews out there of Affiliate Secrets 2.0 that only talk about the good, without acknowledging things that could be improved upon.

Before we get into whether or not this course is worth investing in, I want to give you a little background on Spencer Mecham and his brand since he’ll be the one teaching you! So let’s dive right into the review 🙂

Affiliate Secrets

Affiliate Secrets

Affiliate Secrets is the course Spencer Mecham created after earning millions in affiliate commissions. It’s as in-depth as it gets, and any affiliate will benefit from this training!

What is Affiliate Secrets?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the ultimate affiliate marketing course, since it teaches you how to promote other peoples products and services using multiple strategies, some free and some paid to scale faster!

It’ll help you go from A-Z as an affiliate, finding a core strategy that fits your strengths so you can see success much faster.

Spencer teaches the exact strategies that helped him quit his 9-5 job by building passive income streams, he holds nothing back inside of this course!

Who is Spencer Mecham?

If you aren’t familiar with Spencer Mecham just yet, you’re truly missing out on learning from one of the best affiliate marketers on the planet.

Spencer was the first ClickFunnels affiliate to earn over $1,000,000 in commissions, making him the first 2 Comma Club winner from their affiliate program!

Aside from that, Spencer has been crushing it with product launches and affiliate contests. And that’s just scratching the surface of what he’s been able to accomplish.

Since the initial launch of Affiliate Secrets, he’s helped over 10 of his students qualify for the dream car award! While he’s had extraordinary success as an affiliate, he’s helping his students on the same path as well.

In addition, he runs an awesome free Facebook group called Automation Nation that I’ve been a member of for about a year now. It’s been super helpful on my journey connecting with likeminded affiliates!

About Buildapreneur

Spencer’s main business is Buildapreneur. He designed this brand specifically to help educate aspiring affiliate marketers on how they can start earning affiliate commissions with different strategies!

He has a ton of free content out there to help you get started online. I’ve went through a few of those trainings myself, and man were they helpful!

Who is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 designed for?

Let me preface this section by saying all courses aren’t meant for everyone.

And if you’re looking to get rich quick or make a fast dollar online, affiliate marketing won’t be right for you at all!

Affiliate marketing can take years before you start reaping the benefits, but it’s well worth it once your there.

That’s what Spencer Mecham is teaching inside of this course, how to create sustainable results for many years to come – not how to “get rich quick,” because that simply doesn’t exist!

There’s a lot of hard work involved, but Spencer lays out a jaw-dropping blueprint to follow if you’re willing to put the work in.

If that’s something you can get behind, I’m sure you’ll find Affiliate Secrets 2.0 helpful – he shares multiple strategies you can use, no matter what situation you’re currently in!

Here’s a few types of people who can benefit from Spencer’s course.

People looking to quit their 9-5

If you’re anything like me, the corporate grind was really hard to do each day. Putting in more and more work with hopes of getting a raise, but nothing to show for it!

Maybe you’re working for a boss you hate or not being paid fairly, I get it. Or you want to spend more time with your family, totally reasonable too!

Spencer goes through the fundamentals of building an affiliate marketing business from scratch, sharing strategies and knowledge that most “guru’s” won’t ever tell you about!

He goes really in-depth inside of the course, but still makes it easy to understand for beginners.

Anybody who hasn’t made their first dollar online

Everybody has been here at some point, and man that first sale feels so good to get as an affiliate!

If you haven’t gotten any commissions just yet, you’re not alone. The internet marketing space is competitive and tough, but Spencer is one of the few people I can truly back and recommend!

I’ve wasted a bunch of money over the years on some pretty cruddy courses that had no real value, but Affiliate Secrets is not one of those and can help you achieve your goals online!

Those who want to become super affiliates

Top internet marketers never stop investing in themselves, because even one little golden nugget can help you exponentially grow your income as an established affiliate.

Like I said, he’s even helped successful affiliates like Chris Fong reach that next level in his online business. He raves about how helpful this course has been in his journey, helping him win the Dream Car Contest from ClickFunnels 🙂

There’s a few secrets inside of Spencer’s course that can change your entire business for the better! Whether it’s scaling with paid ads or implementing another traffic source, he has you covered.

Why I found this course helpful

Nothing is left behind

One thing I really appreciate about Spencer is he holds nothing back inside of this course. There’s no upsells, so what you pay for is all you really need!

While other course creators will offer advanced versions of their course as an upsell, that’s not something you have to worry about with Affiliate Secrets. And if at any point he decides to create an Affiliate Secrets 3.0, you’ll be grandfathered in so you don’t have to worry about purchasing again!

This is a testament to what Spencer is all about, and that’s providing true value to his audience!

It’s extremely thorough

This is one of the most in-depth courses I’ve ever went through. He gives a complete A-Z overview of affiliate marketing, sharing the exact strategies he uses to promote various affiliate offers!

And while it’s thorough, it’s not overwhelming or dry by any means! Spencer shares all of his secrets in a concise manner, with no-fluff at all so you can implement and start getting results faster.

Although Affiliate Secrets is focused on helping you become a successful affiliate marketer, it’s closer to being a full course on marketing – that’s how much time and effort he’s put into it.

He brings in experts to teach their methods

Nobody can be the best at everything, it’s simply impossible. But instead of being stubborn and teaching everything himself, Spencer brings on some of the best experts in the industry to teach the traffic source they’ve mastered.

While he teaches the YouTube, Adwords, and Solo Ads portion of the traffic section, here’s who teaches the other portions:

Aside from these specific strategies, you’ll be taught by Spencer himself for the rest of the Affiliate Secrets course!

What could be improved upon

A few portions are outdated

While this course is great and most of the strategies are still viable, there’s a few things that naturally became outdated over time!

The main example I’m referring to is how Spencer promoted Clickfunnels using Google Adwords. Clickfunnels recently changed their policy so you can no longer bid on their branded keywords, which directly impacts his training for those looking to promote Clickfunnels with paid ads!

With that said, you need to be able to adapt as an affiliate marketer. Programs and strategies change all the time, so if you can think outside the box and find an opportunity, you can use these methods for other affiliate programs!

I always say, model somebody based on what they’re doing, not what they’re promoting.

It’s rather expensive

While Affiliate Secrets 1.0 was originally only a few hundred dollars, the second version is now $897!

And for every 100 people who purchase Spencer’s course, he raises the price by $100. That’s why I urge you to invest in it today, because the price may get bumped up at any time!

Since he grandfathers you in whenever an update or upgrade comes out for the course, there’s no reason to wait around and have to invest more in the future.

While it may be expensive for you depending on how long you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game, the high price point will help keep the strategies inside more exclusive which really benefits those who purchase the course from Spencer!

What’s inside of Affiliate Secrets 2.0?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is loaded with video lessons, covering various topics and offering other bonuses throughout the 8 core modules!

In this portion of the review, I’ll be sharing what to expect in each section, how it works with the rest of the course, and what my thoughts have been so far.

Module 1 – Overview

This module is focused on giving you the bigger picture of affiliate marketing! It covers everything from the mindset you’ll need to have, why you need to choose the right niche, and the strategies he uses to make it easier as an affiliate.

There’s not going to be anything groundbreaking in this section, but it gives you a good foundation of what to expect before diving into the other modules in Affiliate Secrets!

Module 2 – Niche

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is niche selection, since that’s what you’ll be creating content for, and the audience you’ll be building. Almost every course you go through will have a section about niche selection, because it’s crucial to choose the right one.

Spencer explains why having a niche is important to your success, and share’s the “big three” niches that have been proven to be profitable – and will continue to be for years and years to come! He’ll even share how you can find a blue ocean of opportunity inside of a niche to help eliminate the competition, leaving you with a wide open angle.

Module 3 – Traffic

This module is all about traffic – and it’s the biggest section inside of Affiliate Secrets which is perfect. Most affiliate marketers biggest struggle is generating consistent traffic, so having an in-depth module on this is great for beginners!

Like I said earlier, he brings on experts to cover the traffic sources he hasn’t mastered – to give you more opportunity and options moving forward. As a student, I really appreciate the fact that he knows he isn’t a master at all of the sources, so he brings in somebody who is!

There is so much value in this portion of the course, it covers most of the social platforms out there that you should consider using.

With that said, he doesn’t have any training on SEO inside of the course. This is probably because it’s far more detailed than other traffic sources and takes longer to gain traction, so I don’t blame him for excluding it!

Certain courses on SEO can cost up to a couple thousands of dollars to purchase, so it would be unrealistic for him to teach it in detail as a section of this course.

Here’s the traffic sources you’ll learn inside of this module:

Module 4 – Value

This section is all about converting traffic into paying customers! Affiliate marketing comes down to two things – traffic, and a conversion process.

What Spencer shares is all about giving your visitors a reason to buy the offer you’re promoting, giving you an over the shoulder look into what’s worked well for him time and time again!

He believes this is one of the biggest reasons that most aspiring affiliate marketers fail, because they aren’t providing enough value to their visitors!

There’s four core ways to provide value as an affiliate in this section:

Module 5 – Funnel

Spencer is the king of using automation to his advantage, which is exactly what he shares in this module of the course.

He teaches you how to nurture leads effectively by providing value, getting them to trust you, and eventually buy your offers!

After going through this section, you’ll have the knowledge on how to master marketing automation, so you can start earning commissions even in your sleep! Additionally, you will learn exactly how to structure your emails so they get opened and convert, while maintaining a great relationship with your list so it’s a win-win for both sides.

Module 6 – Products

One thing I had a lot of difficulty with when starting out as an affiliate is determining which products are worth promoting.

Since there’s tons of options out there, Spencer shares exactly how you can find the right product fit for your audience and related products to earn even more!

At this point, you’ll understand your niche and traffic source, so you’ll want to find high paying affiliate offers that can help you maximize the amount you’ll earn from each lead!

Whether you’re looking to promote high-ticket or recurring products, he’ll have you covered in this module of Affiliate Secrets.

Module 7 – Email Marketing

This module is all about setting yourself up to have a long-term business that stays profitable for years to come!

Since you don’t own your traffic when you’re using Facebook or YouTube to get leads, building a profitable email list is the most important asset you own as an affiliate.

He’ll show you how to create evergreen campaigns that will last for years to come, utilizing detailed sequences to make everything work well together!

If you’ve ever read DotCom Secrets, what he shares in this section will be rather familiar to you but in even more detail.

Module 8 – Outsourcing

The last module of Affiliate Secrets is all about outsourcing, and building a team. If you’re doing everything on your own, it’ll become hard to ever transition into a super affiliate!

Since you’re limiting your time, you won’t be able to grow your business as quickly as if you were able to delegate tasks to a virtual assistant.

He shares what types of tasks he outsources, the benefits of using freelancers, where to find reliable freelancers, and how to manage them effectively!

While some internet marketers don’t like to give up control, it’s crucial you start to delegate when the time is right.

Other Bonuses

In addition to all of the course material, Spencer offers you a few free bonuses when you purchase Affiliate Secrets 2.0. And no, they aren’t PLR junk – they’re really useful bonuses to help you grow your affiliate marketing business!

Buyers will get access to 2 white label courses that you can use as bonuses for other offers, five high converting sales funnels that you can use, and more than 50 pre-written emails you can use to promote various offers.

This sets you up perfectly so you can get results even faster using the strategies inside, and the bonuses are super relevant to what he teaches!

How much does Affiliate Secrets 2.0 cost?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is currently priced at $897. What’s interesting is that the price increases $100 for every 100 customers who purchase it, so investing soon rather than later makes a ton of sense! By next time, it could already be $997 so I’d highly recommend you to lock in this price while you can.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Secrets

When it comes to choosing an affiliate marketing course to invest in, it usually comes down to finding somebody who’s already doing what you would like to. There’s a ton of different ones out there, but few are as in-depth as Spencer’s course, Affiliate Secrets 2.0!

He specializes in YouTube and Paid ads, but he doesn’t stop there in the training. Spencer gives a thorough understanding of affiliate marketing from A-Z inside of his course, going over various traffic sources. I’d highly recommend Affiliate Secrets for anybody who is looking to level-up their affiliate business!

It’s a mid-priced course, and provides great value for your investment. And if at any point Spencer decides to make Affiliate Secrets 3.0, you’ll be grandfathered in for life! More than 10 Dream Car Winners have vouched for it, so the information is definitely valid and can help you achieve your goals if you apply what you learn.

And if you aren’t ready to invest just yet, I’d recommend checking out his free masterclass here. There’s a lot of valuable information inside, so it’s worth your time to watch!

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