GrooveFunnels Review: Is This New Platform Worth Trying?

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 7, 2021
Important Update:

The only funnel builder I recommend is ClickFunnels 2.0, for a few reasons.

It's affordable, easy to use, a complete product and they have a helpful customer team. I can't say the same for the other funnel builders I've tested on this website anymore.

You can start a free 14-day trial with ClickFunnels today!

Recently, GrooveFunnels has been receiving a lot of hype from internet marketers…

Since it’s a freemium platform designed by Mike Filsaime, who’s created some of the most influential marketing software on the planet, there’s good reason for it.

It’s built to compete with the industry-leaders, but is it good enough to leave your favorite marketing platform behind for good?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this comprehensive review of GrooveFunnels!

Let’s dive right into it.

Our Pick


GrooveFunnels is a new all-in-one marketing platform that’ll help you drive more leads and sales for your business! For a limited time, you can create a free account.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a complete all-in-one marketing platform created by the team over at GrooveDigital.

It’s filled with an array of marketing tools that are designed to help you grow and scale your online business!

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding GrooveFunnels, mainly due to it’s founder, Mike Filsaime, who left the team over at Kartra to build this platform.

GrooveFunnels is currently in it’s beta form, but they’ll be releasing all of the individual tools before the official release!

Since GrooveFunnels is a freemium platform, you can use it entirely free and upgrade to their paid lifetime deal if it’s a good fit, instead of having to pay each month. The free plan won’t be around forever, so sign up while you still can!

Who’s GrooveFunnels designed for?

GrooveFunnels is designed for marketers who want an all-in-one platform to host their online business.

It’s currently competing with tools like ClickFunnels, DropFunnels, or Kartra, but they’re looking to expand much further than just that as we’ll cover in the next section!

If you’re using a software like this, odds are you have something to sell. Whether it’s a service, your own product, an affiliate product, membership area, or anything in-between, GrooveFunnels has you covered and will be a solid fit!

Which tools are included with GrooveFunnels?

Here’s the complete list of tools that are going to be released for the GrooveFunnels. They’re all designed to help you get more traffic, convert more leads and sales, and generate more revenue!




Note that all of these aren’t currently released, but will be for the official launch. I’ve yet to see a platform with this many different features included, so I’m keen to see if they live up to the potential!

My favorite features GrooveFunnels offers

It has an entirely free plan

Most funnel builders offer a free trial for their users, but GrooveFunnels one-upped the entire industry with this one. They’re offering a free plan, which is a great starting point for beginners!

While I can’t guarantee how long this will be available, it’s worth signing up for now because the free account won’t expire. This gives you the ability to test GrooveFunnels out for yourself before investing in their premium plan!

It’s a true all-in-one marketing platform

A lot of different marketing platforms out there don’t have everything included. Whether it’s an email marketing service, landing page builder, payment collector, or anything else! It’s rare to find a software that has it all, but GrooveFunnels does.

Like I said earlier, not every feature is currently released but they’ll be putting it out before the official launch! I’ll be watching closely during the launch to see if they keep their promises.

They have a lucrative affiliate program

GrooveFunnels is a goldmine if you’re interested in promoting them as an affiliate. While they offer higher commissions for their premium users, they still allow free members to promote it!

As a premium user of GrooveFunnels (bought the lifetime package), you’ll be locked in to the following commission rates:

And if you’re looking to stay as a free member, here’s the commission rates you’ll have:

It’s a high ticket offer that’s been converting quite well, so I’d recommend promoting it if you like the product after trying it out! Just a few sales could pay for your lifetime account, and the rest is all profit.

What I didn’t like about GrooveFunnels

It’s not fully released yet

GrooveFunnels isn’t a fully released platform yet. It hasn’t officially launched, so there’s no reasons to worry!

I’ll cover the bugs I’ve encountered in the next section, but not all of the different tools are available yet.

You can track the official GrooveFunnels roadmap here to see what’s being released, fixed, and everything else regarding their upcoming release.

There’s still a lot of existing bugs

When I built my first funnel with GrooveFunnels, I quickly realized there’s a lot of bugs with the platform. Like we just reviewed, it’s not fully released just yet so I’m sure these will be fixed soon!

To start, their navigation wasn’t working properly all the time. If I were to open settings or try to connect pages together, it wouldn’t always react to my clicks!

While it’s not a huge issue, having to continually refresh my browser got old quick. And when that issue occurred, the changes I made wouldn’t always save. There’s a lot of work for the GrooveDigital team in the near future if they want this platform to be a real competitor!

You can track the bugs and what they’re working on in their roadmap. It’s great to see they’re being transparent with the community on these issues!

A look inside of GrooveFunnels


When you first login to GrooveFunnels, you’ll be shown the following page. As you can see, on the left is where you navigate through their platform and in the center is other places on the dashboard you may want to go.


GroovePages is their official page and website builder. On the left side, you can navigate between Blocks, Elements, Pages, and Popups to fully customize the page!

And on the right side, you can go through all the details to get everything looking exactly how you desire. It’s a page builder that’s relatively easy to get started with, which is always a nice feature!

I found the pages to load quickly, and look great. So all bugs aside, I can see this becoming a popular landing page and funnel builder among marketers!


GrooveSell is similar to something you’d see with a platform like SamCart or ThriveCart. It’s a dedicated shopping cart tool that gives you all of the information you’d need when selling products online!

Whether it’s a service or product, they’ll give you a really solid breakdown of what you’ve sold inside of this dashboard.


GrooveAffiliate is what your affiliates will see when promoting products that are hosted on GrooveFunnels. So if you’re a vendor and have an affiliate program, this is what your affiliates will see!

It’s extremely similar to the GrooveSell dashboard and gives you far more information than some other affiliate platforms provide.


GrooveMail is their official email marketing service, so you can send automated sequences or individual newsletter emails out to your leads!

On the left side navigation menu, you’ll see your Leads, Campaigns, Forms, Analytics, and Settings from GrooveMail.

They haven’t rolled out this tool just yet, but it’ll be the difference between failure and success of this platform!


GrooveVideo is their video hosting platform, so you don’t need to pay for a subscription or have watermarked videos.

It’s nice to see this simple addition to the platform, it’ll save use users from headaches later down the road.


GrooveKart is their official e-commerce platform, which integrates directly with dropshipping and print-on-demand platforms.

It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to Shopify in the near future, as it seems to be a direct competitor that’s included with the GrooveFunnels product suite!

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels is loaded with marketing materials for their affiliates. As you can see below, they give you everything you’d ever need to promote Groove effectively!

Whether you’re on the search for swipes, banners, or anything in-between, they have you covered. It’s always nice to have this in an affiliate program.

They provide traffic numbers, unique impressions, and referrals so you can track your progress fairly easily!

How much does GrooveFunnels cost?

As we’ve went over, GrooveFunnels is currently a freemium platform. They have an entirely free plan, with an option to purchase a lifetime license (before they start charging monthly!).

Their lifetime deal currently costs $1,397! While that isn’t cheap by any means, in a year or two you’d be paying more for a monthly subscription to ClickFunnels or a similar platform.

GrooveFunnels said their lifetime deal may be taken down at any point, so now would be the time to invest.

Commonly Asked Questions about GrooveFunnels

Is their lifetime deal still around?

Sure is, get it through this special link before it’s gone.

Can GrooveFunnels replace my entire marketing stack?

After they launch, they’ll provide all of the tools you need to replace your current marketing stack. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have everything hosted on one platform for a better overall experience!

How much will it cost after their launch?

While there is no official word yet, I’d imagine GrooveFunnels will cost around $99/m up to $499/m for their higher plans. I’m also not sure if they’ll still offer free accounts, so sign up here before it’s too late!

Is GrooveFunnels legit?

GrooveFunnels is a legitimate software company. They offer a suite of marketing tools to help you market your products and services, saving you valuable time and effort!

Is GrooveFunnels worth promoting?

If you’re an affiliate marketer and like the platform, I’d recommend promoting it to your audience. It’s really a great option for beginners or those looking to save money in the long run!

How does it compare to other marketing platforms?

GrooveFunnels is still in its early stage, but it looks very promising for how long they’ve been working on it.

Check out the detailed comparisons I’ve put together to help you compare:

My final thoughts on GrooveFunnels

So is GrooveFunnels worthy of the hype, or should you pass? It’s definitely worth grabbing a free account and testing it for yourself, but I sure think it’s going to be a great platform.

They’ve showed a lot of promise before official launching, and I can see this tool being super popular among marketers.

Since it helps you simplify your marketing stack and have everything on one software, everything’s going to integrate and work together properly!

It’ll be interesting to see how things go in the next few months, but I’ve been pleased with GrooveFunnels thus far. I’m sure you will be too.

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