GrooveFunnels vs Unbounce: Which Should You Be Using?

by Dylan | Last Updated on June 7, 2021
Important Update:

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It's affordable, easy to use, a complete product and they have a helpful customer team. I can't say the same for the other funnel builders I've tested on this website anymore.

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Finding the right page builder software for your business isn’t easy. There are so many options out there, and many of them have a very similar set of features. Today, we will look at GrooveFunnels vs Unbounce to see whether one of these platforms suits your business.

We’ll be looking at the features, pricing, and everything else you need to know. So let’s get started!

About GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is almost like the TikTok of funnel builders, as it took over the market out of the blue. It only launched last year but already has over 120,000 members, which is highly impressive for a B2B SaaS tool. One of the reasons for this is that they are offering both free and lifetime plans.

As you probably know, page builders can get very expensive, so GrooveFunnels’ pricing options can save you a lot of money. But, we’ll talk more about the pricing later on…

Another reason why GrooveFunnels became so popular is that its features replace most (if not all) the software needed to run an online business. Again, we’ll look at those in more detail later, though.

About Unbounce

Compared to GrooveFunnels, Unbounce is a dinosaur in the industry. It was founded in 2009 and has become one of the most popular landing page builders on the market. Interestingly, it has been used by some industry-leading companies like Later, Campaign Monitor, or Helix.

Unbounce official logo.

Unlike GrooveFunnels, it doesn’t focus on offering the most extensive possible set of features. Instead, it specializes in being the best possible landing page builder.

Which Has The Better Features?

Now that we have taken an introductory look at both platforms, I wanted to dive into the features.

GrooveFunnels Features

GrooveFunnels has a massive list of features. It would take me way too long to break each feature down individually.

Below, I added the features of all the features alongside what type of platform it replaces in brackets.

As you can see in the list above, GrooveFunnels has some great tools to run and market your business. However, something to keep in mind is that GrooveFunnels is still in the early stages. And as you might expect with a platform that offers this much in such a short period… It’s not finished yet.

While most of the features are available now, some still aren’t fully developed.

But it does have pretty much everything you need to run and market your online business.

The features that are available now are:

Using these features recently, I found that they are much more developed than they used to be. I didn’t run into bugs personally, but many people have said they still found some. However, they are a lot less common than they used to be.

And for most of the features, they are almost like dedicated platforms, which is pretty impressive.

When Will The Other GrooveFunnels Features Come?

You can find a roadmap inside the Groove dashboard, which lists the targets for when they are available. They are looking to roll them out throughout 2021;  the main ones missing are webinars, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, and GrooveSurvey.

Apart from that, they already have most of the main features.

To be fair to Groove, most of the features available are already much more than what their competitors offer, and they have kept up the targets so far.


I also wanted to briefly discuss the templates, as I’d assume you are interested in them. GrooveFunnels comes with hundreds of easily customizable templates for your sales pages, landing pages, and pretty much any page you can think of.

You can seamlessly edit the templates using the drag & drop page builder to create whatever type of page you want – squeeze or full navigation… The choice is yours.

Besides, GrooveFunnels also lets you share your designs with other users, which gives you access to even more templates. If you have a friend or business partner who has created a killer template, you can ask them to share it with you. Likewise, this also opens the opportunity to sell templates if you wanted to.

When it comes to templates, GrooveFunnels doesn’t disappoint.


As already mentioned, Unbounce specializes in landing pages and doesn’t have as many features as GrooveFunnels. But let’s see how it compares anyway.

Unbounce Page Builder

Unbounces’ Landing page builder is one of the most customizable page builders I have used. While with most page builders, you’re forced to put the elements into blocks, Unbounce lets you add it anywhere on the page you want to.

That’s something I immediately noticed and liked about Unbounce’s page builder.

However, besides allowing your pages to adapt to your customers’ needs (which we’ll discuss in more detail in a moment), it doesn’t offer much that GrooveFunnels doesn’t. In fact, GrooveFunnels has templates for more types of websites, so you could even argue that it’s more complete.

But where Unbounce does perform well is the usability, as it is one of the smoothest page builders I have used – ever. Plus, the pages you build with Unbounce are also lightning fast, which means your conversions won’t suffer.

Smart Traffic

One of the unique features that Unbounce has is its smart traffic feature. The cool thing about this feature is that it lets the pages you create inside Unbounce adapt to your visitors’ needs and previous behavior.

As you might expect, this will significantly increase your conversions when used correctly. It improves your conversions by matching what you offer to your customers’ previous behavior, where they have shown you what they want. Ultimately, this will help your pages make more money.

Plus, this is also extremely easy to set up as Unbounce, in general, is exceptionally user-friendly.

Pop-Ups and Sticky Bars

Just like most page builders out there, Unbounce also has the standard pop-ups and sticky bars. These will allow you to capture your visitors’ email addresses, even if they don’t purchase your product.

Doing so will allow you to follow up with them – to get that second try. When it comes to this feature, GrooveFunnels’ page builder has pretty much everything built in that Unbounce does, so there is no significant difference here.


Unbounce has some of the best landing page templates I have seen. They are colorful, and there is a decent variety of styles. However, where it lacks compared to GrooveFunnels is the types of websites.

Unbounce is not ideal for full navigation websites, blog pages, or membership sites… Only for landing pages.

Advantage: GrooveFunnels. Unbounce has some nice features for landing pages. But for the average business owner, GrooveFunnels offers a lot more value, so it has the advantage in terms of features.

GrooveFunnels vs Unbounce: How Much Do They Cost?

Now that we have looked at the value that both platforms provide, I wanted to look at the costs.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels pricing plans have great value, and they aren’t the type of pricing plan you find every day in the industry. They have both free and lifetime options which I have explained below.

GrooveFunnels Free

GrooveFunnels Free is probably the best free plan in the industry. It comes with all of GrooveFunnels’ features, so you can replace almost every software your business currently uses… for free.

The catch (if you can call it that) is that it comes with some usage limits, as you might expect.

Some of the main limits include:

Still, considering you’re pretty much getting the lowest plan of every SaaS tool, there is… I’d say this is a pretty sweet deal.

GrooveFunnels lifetime ($1397)

GrooveFunnels free was a pretty good deal, but eventually, you will need to upgrade. At the moment, GrooveFunnels is offering a lifetime deal too, which has a lot fewer usage limits (pretty much none at all).

As you probably know, purchasing all of these features individually could cost you thousands per month – so GrooveFunnels’ normal pricing is set to be at around $299 per month. That is also where most of its competitors that offer less are priced at.

However, as GrooveFunnels is still in the early stages, you can get lifetime access to all of its features for $1397. And this is with pretty much no usage limits on any of the apps; the main one is the 10,000 contact limits.

This used to be 25,000, and as time passes, this will probably decrease more. So, if you are looking to get into GrooveFunnels, it may be worth doing so before the price per contact goes up.

Unbounce pricing

Unbounce doesn’t quite have the attractive pricing plans that GrooveFunnels has. This is to be expected, as it has been around for much longer.

Their pricing plans range from $80 to $200 per month, as you can see in the image below:

Something that I don’t like about Unbounce at all, though, is the usage limits. As you can see above, you’ll be limited on the number of conversions, visitors, and domains quite heavily. This means if you’re growing your business, you’ll quickly be forced to upgrade. Not ideal.

Advantage: GrooveFunnels. It just has much better value for money, and I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise.

GrooveFunnels vs. Unbounce: Everything You Need To Know

There’s more to GrooveFunnels and Unbounce than their pricing and features. Let’s look at everything else you need to know.

Which is easier to use?

Both platforms perform well in usability. Their page builders are drag & drop. The dashboard is also user-friendly for both options. However, overall, I would give it to Unbounce because it runs a little smoother than GrooveFunnels.

Don’t get me wrong, GrooveFunnels is also really easy to use, but Unbounce is just smoother overall.

Advantage: Unbounce.

Which has more integrations?

This is another point for Unbounce. However, it’s also worth mentioning that GrooveFunnels doesn’t need all the integrations because of its huge list of features. What Unbounce needs an integration for, GrooveFunnels has built-in.

Still, it’s a (small) advantage for Unbounce.

Advantage: Unbounce.

Which has better templates?

Unbounce has better templates for landing pages. GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, has better templates for pretty much any other page or site you can build; blogs, membership sites, full navigations, etc.

So, it really depends on what type of page you want to build. They both have a good variety of styles, and the templates also look nice too. Because GrooveFunnels lets you build more types of pages and suits more types of businesses, I’d say it has the advantage here.

Advantage: GrooveFunnels.

Which has the better page builder?

This one, surprisingly, will also go to Unbounce. GrooveFunnels’ page builder is outstanding and almost as good as the one inside of Unbounce.

However, Unbounce lets you drag elements more smoothly, as mentioned earlier. Plus, it also has the smart traffic feature that lets your pages adapt to your visitors’ interest, which GrooveFunnels doesn’t have.

Advantage: Unbounce.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen throughout this article, both Unbounce and GrooveFunnels are pretty solid. They both have features that should help business owners convert their visitors into sales and run their business in general.

However, overall, I am going to give this one to GrooveFunnels. It simply offers more value for less money. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right option for you, so I have explained why you should choose which option below.

Why You Should Choose GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels offers an incredible number of features at a very affordable price. If you’re someone who owns an online business, you’ll know how much value and sales all of these tools can bring.

But, you’ll also know how expensive SaaS tools can be – which is why GrooveFunnels is such a good deal. You won’t just have everything you need to build your pages and websites, but also everything around them, such as your email campaigns, membership sites, etc.

Therefore, if you have an online business (or are looking to start one) that needs these tools, GrooveFunnels is a perfect choice. And it doesn’t get any better when it comes to value for money.

Why You Should Choose Unbounce

Unbounce is excellent at one thing… And that’s landing pages.

The builder is one of the smoothest I have ever used, meaning it won’t take long to get your pages up and running. Plus, it also comes with some great conversion-focused tools like its Smart traffic feature.

So, if you are looking for the best possible landing page builder, Unbounce could be a good choice.

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